Andy Lyle

I am looking for employment or volunteer opportunities where I can be active and use my organizing skills. I would especially enjoy opportunities that involve caring for animals, food preparation, and other hands-on work. I also really enjoy being outdoors!

My Work and Volunteer Experience

I am open to trying new things! At school, I help in the cafeteria after lunch by cleaning, sweeping, and organizing chairs. In general, I enjoy helping with household tasks and being outdoors. I have good attention to detail and love to organize. I love to help and my family knows they can count on me to pitch in with many tasks at home. I've been a valued team member with our school's coffee cart, especially making sure all of our inventory is stocked and ready to go. I'm looking forward to gaining more work experience, showcasing my abilities and expanding my skills.

Perkiomen Valley High School - Mail Delivery

  • Check mailboxes of specific/assigned teachers
  • Deliver mail

Perkiomen Valley High School - The Perk Up Cafe

  • Assist with packaging coffee condiment packages
  • Help with data entry using order forms to create a weekly order summary
  • Help prepare condiment bag labels and drink cup labels
  • Assist with making and pouring coffee/tea
  • Deliver coffee/tea and condiment packages to teachers/staff in their classroom/office and collect payment

Strategies for Success

What Helps Me

  • If I am doing seated work for an extended period of time, it helps if I can take occasional movement breaks.
  • I perform best when following a schedule/routine, but it is okay if the schedule has to change.
  • I learn best when tasks are initially demonstrated and paired with verbal directions. I work best with common or repetitive tasks I can practice and master.
  • It helps if I have support initiating tasks, but I will work hard until the task is finished.

What makes it hard for me

  • Loud and distracting environments make it difficult to focus and can be overwhelming. I would work best in a slow paced, quiet environment.
  • I speak softly, so people may have a hard time hearing what I say. I communicate well by typing or when given a few choices to pick from.
  • It can be hard for me to figure out how to get started with work tasks on my own. It is helpful if I have tasks set up and demonstrated. I like being busy and productive.

My Interests

I really enjoy walking and building movement into my day. I also like to help with household tasks like cleaning, organizing, laundry, and cooking/baking. I also like to swim, listen to music, keep a close eye on the weather, and spend time with my family. I have a great memory and can recall past events, geographical/directional locations, and songs/music really well.

Andy picking apples Andy outside a high school tack and football field Andy folding laundry Andy climbing a rock wall Andy on a bridge over a river during the winter Andy in a Snoopy shirt holding a try of freshly made snacks Andy at his dining room table with his Chromebook Andy pouring coffee Andy at a Phillies Game Andy loading the dryer Andy carving a pumpkin Andy loading the dishwasher Andy and his cat Andy at the beach Andy sorting mail Andy bowling Andy playing baseball Andy vacuuming Andy and a horse Andy making coffee Andy on a tractor Andy and a puppy